Anime Review: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai



The Japanese call them hikikomori—people who’ve become so withdrawn socially that they refuse to leave their homes for weeks and even months at a time. For Sasami Tsukuyomi, who’s attempting to pass her first year of high school despite being a shut in, it’s more than just a word. Fortunately though, she lives with her older brother Kamiomi, who just happens to be a teacher at the school Sasami is supposed to attend. Not to mention, her “Brother Surveillance Tool” which lets her view the outside world via her computer and will, theoretically, allow her to readjust to interfacing with people again. What it mainly does, however, is let her view her brother’s interactions with the three very odd Yagami sisters, who inexplicably seem to have had their ages reversed and have various types of “interest” in Kamiomi. And then things start to get really weird… Magical powers? Everything turning into chocolate? Is life via the web warping Sasami’s brain, or is it the universe that’s going crazy? (Source: Sentai Filmworks)

General Information:

Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 11, 2013 to Mar 29, 2013
Producers: Aniplex, Shaft, TBS, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older



At first I was interested in Sasami-san@Ganbaranai because Sasami is a hikikomori. Like in the first episode how she was writing her fictional story… It was epic how the events of the episode kept turning. Then there was the Yagami sisters, they made the show very fun to watch. In short I enjoyed Sasami-san@Ganbaranai very much. The anime was full of action, unnatural events, comedy, and pretty emotional issues that were addressed there. It was very interesting to watch pretty unpredictable and they keep surprising you in each and every episode. It got pretty dark at times… Like very dark but it didn’t ruin the story. The anime wasn’t great but it was very good. I wasn’t impressed with the ending, it didn’t do the anime justice. Overall very good anime.

Overall Rate: 8/10


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Japanese Candy from Oyatsubox – September

This is the August/September 2014 candy box, I’ve subscribed in to receive a box full of Japanese snacks. These are the snacks that I’ve received this month.

What I’ve tried so far is The Mario Kart 7 candy. The Mario Kart 7 box contains a toy and one piece of hard candy. It was pretty yummy. I’ve Also tried the milk & coffee cereal, I must say its very tasty right in my liking area. Its sweet with a hint of bitterness and well coffee flavor. ;p

I’ll try to make the DIY candy kits soon and will make sure to upload videos of them.

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Manga News: Claymore Ending


Claymore written by Norihiro Yagi, is coming to an end this October. The manga was first published in 2002 and has around 156 chapter. It is by far my favorite manga and the best manga I’ve ever read. Its very heartbreaking to see it come to an end.

The manga is 27 volumes. Volume 26 was released earlier this year in June and the last volume is yet to come.

If you’re familiar with the anime but haven’t read the manga I recommend and encourage you to read it.


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Review: The Legend of Korra – Book 3: Change


Book Three: Change is the third season of the animated TV series The Legend of Korra. The season takes place largely in the Earth Kingdom, one of the four major nations in the setting of the series, and also depicts the re-emergence of airbending among people of other nations. Toph’s eldest daughter, Lin Beifong, and the now elderly Zuko, a character from the original series, are among the season’s supporting characters, as are “the Red Lotus”, a group of dangerous anarchists led by the new airbender Zaheer who want to overthrow the world’s governments and the Avatar.

General Information:

Create by: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino
Written by: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Tim Hedrick, Joshua Hamilton
Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy-drama
No. of seasons:
No. of episodes: 39
Origin: United State
Original Language: English
Original run: April 14, 2012 – Present
Status: On hold. Book 4: Balance primer date is not announced yet.

legend-korraSeason 3 information:

No. of episodes: 13
Original run: June 27, 2014 – August 22, 2014


So after finishing the third season of the Legend of Korra, I must say that I’m impressed. The show keeps getting better and better, with a solid plot. I love how the character’s relationships improved and how the idea of Korra having a boyfriend almost disappeared. I do like Mako, very much. Nevertheless I’m glad they didn’t go on with the relationship it’s better that they are friends. I also love the fact that we got to see more of Lin’s other side. They give her very little credit. I’m also very happy for our beloved Bolin, for having Opel. Its good to see how the characters improved in this season. I love that Jinora is more recognized now, I know it started from the last season but I just love how far they are taking it. It is my favorite season by far. I love how the ending made me eager for more. It opened up many possibilities for the next season. It was also a better ending than Book 2’s.

THE LEGEND OF KORRAOverall Rate: 8/10

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News: Bayonetta 2


The wait is almost over, Bayonetta 2 is coming out October 24. The game will include the first game as well as some Nintendo features.

General Information:

Platform: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Creator: PlatinumGames
Release Date: October 24, 2014

Here is the latest Bayonetta 2 Direct:

Here is the game package video:

For more information about Bayonetta click here

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Japanese Candy from Oyatsubox – July

This is the July 2014 candy box, I’ve subscribed in to receive a box full of Japanese snacks. These are the snacks that I’ve received this month.

List of Snacks:

- Kracie Tsureta Gummy Kit: Ramune
– Kameda Happy Turn Senbei
– Lotte Chocolate Pie
– Pote Long: Wasabi
– Cheese Curry Cup Noodle
– Nobel Super Mario Gummy
– Shaka Shaka Gummy
– Sakuma Milk Grape Candy

What I’ve tried to far is the Kameda Happy Turn Senbei, its a pack of rice crackers and its very yummy. I’ve also tried the Lotte Chocolate Pie, its not very chocolaty but it had a nice texture to it, I liked it. Also as I mentioned in the video I’ll post of video of making the Kracie Tsureta Gummy Kit: Ramune and I”ll tell you how I like it afterwards.

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Movie Review: Kotonoha no Niwa



We have met, for each of us to walk forward.

Takao, who is training to become a shoemaker, skipped school and is sketching shoes in a Japanese-style garden. He meets a mysterious woman, Yukino, who is older than him. Then, without arranging the times, the two start to see each other again and again, but only on rainy days. They deepen their relationship and open up to each other. But the end of the rainy season soon approaches… (Source: Comix Wave)

General Information

Alternative Title: The Garden of Words
Directed by: Makoto Shinkai
Screenplay by: Makoto Shinkai
Aired: May 31, 2013
Producers: CoMix Wave Films, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Romance
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older



Kotonoha no Niwa is the most beautiful anime movie. The art is breath taking. The story is so moving. While watching the movie I was sure of one thing I didn’t want it to end. I wasn’t sure where the story is going and I didn’t care. This is one of those movies where every detail count without caring about what the ending is or could be. Its a must watch and should be in every anime fan shelf. I mean its that great… and I kinda feel like whatever I say wont do it justice.

Overall Rate: 10/10

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