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Plamo’s Japanese Summer Festival


The Japanese Summer Festival was organized by Plamo, featuring Al-Nokhitha and Animix. It took place at ACK on July 6th, 2013. The festival started with the a graduation ceremony for the second patch of Plamo Academy Students. Here are some videos that were shown at the Graduation:

Plamo’s first birthday!

The reason that the festival was held is to celebrate Plamo’s first birthday and the graduation of the second patch from Plamo Academy.

Plamo Academy Video:

A contest was held between Plamo academy students. After learning about plastic modeling and make their Gundams, 3 top Gundams are chosen as the best made by students. And the winners of the contest were announced at the graduation ceremony.


  • 1st Place Hisa AlQaoud
  • 2nd Place Khalid Al-Shayjy
  • 3rd Place was a tie between Shouaa Khalaf & Khalid Masuod

Also Plamo warriors organized a Video Game Tournament


There were 3 winners for each Game category and the tournament started on the 4th of July which is two days before the festival. I wanted to write down the winners names but I forgot to take notes at the event… *I really need to work on my note taking*

Now for the festival itself!!!

Festival Video:

There were a lot of different participants in the festival. But before I mention them I would like to thank Plamo for organizing this awesome festival! I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m sure that everyone that went there enjoyed it as well!!



Instagram: @PlamoQ8
Twitter @PlamoQ8
Facebook: PlamoQ8Club
Youtube: PlamoQ8Club

Then here some of the participants:



ExtravaGaming co-hosted the gaming tournament that was organized by Plamo and they also did a Radio coverage for it. I loved their table at the festival and I got a chance to try the Ouya myself!

Extravagaming video of the Festival:

Twiter: @ExtravaGaming
Instagram: @ExtravaGaming
Youtube: ExtravaGaming
Soundcloud: ExtravaGaming
Website: ExtravaGaming

Animix Q8


Animix Q8 is a pretty awesome Cosplay group that cosplayed different characters during the festival. The cosplays were characters such as: Harry Potter, Elric brothers, Kurozaki Ichigo, Aizen and many others.

Facebook: AnimixQ8
Instagram: @Animix_Q8
Ask: AnimixQ8



A Digital Artist, her work is amazing I total recommend you check it out.

Instagram: @Lalychibi
Facebook: Laly Chibi

Other Participants:


NOTE: I’m sorry if I missed any participants from the festival… *Note taking problem* leave me a comment or contact me and I would love to write about your work. Cheers.

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Tamiya Store Kuwait


Last Thursday I visited Tamiya store at Al-Tilal Commercial Complex, Kuwait. That visit was like a dream!! Ever since I was little I dreamt of visiting a shop like that in kuwait. The fact that they have a racing track behind the shop and they also have a workstation where you can work on your car at the back of the store!! I was instantly in love with that place. I didn’t wanna leave!!


They have everything from plastic models, to remote control cars. They have a large verity of colors both spray and brush. I left the store with 3 bags. Their products are that good!!


I totally recommend you visit Tamiya it’s such an amazing store!! I know it’s been opened for few years now but I just heard about it.

Location: Al-Tilal Commercial Complex, Shwaikh, Kuwait.
Work hours: Saturday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm / 4pm to 10pm

For more information visit their website… Click here.





The other day I went to P2BK the other day, and saw this booth:

I thought that was the coolest pirate ever!!

They told me that they are making a pirate animation called “Captain Abdool“. And it’s gonna air on TV.

Here is a stop-motion video of Captain Abdool:

I got the movie War Zone from the booth and I must say its amazing!!

You should totally get it!!

For more information about Abdalmovies click here.


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Yamaha Music Square

Today I got to visit the Yamaha music square


The store was smaller than I expected, but it got everything a musicain needs with great pric
if you still haven’t checked it out! Do so!!

Location: grand avenues Kuwait

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Interested in scale modeling, plamo photography, video games, and board game?

I am. ;p

I saw these adds in instagram the other day and I think it’s very interesting. The club is open for everyone who’s interested!!



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Now that’s creatively funny!!

Recently I’ve been watching this YouTube channel called Esteree7.
Esteree7 channel post video that are made by a group of young Kuwaitis. The videos are pretty funny. The videos are very were made and awesomely directed by Aziz Bader.

Here is one of their latest videos:

Enjoy!! ^^

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Company review: Wataniya telecom

As you may all know, I am an IT professional. I have a degree in all system administration, web development, and computer programming. Anyways, 5 days ago I went to Wataniya telecom to get an Internet since they do provide Internet. So I go there and ask for a pocket router. They tell me that it’s 21KD for 30GB per month. Amana bel Allah, it’s a good deal. Then they have this promotion for an iPad where you only pay extra 10KD per month. Again good deal, I go for it amended get back home.

I try the pocket router and it won’t log online for some reason. So obviously I call Wataniya. The guy who answered told me to talk it back to them for them to repair it. Oops, I got it today and it already bad? I didn’t take it anywhere I called again later. A different worker tell me that it take 24 hours for it to activate. Next day same problem. I call again a worker answers and she said she’ll talk with the IT people. So with my geeky nature and all I go online from my phone and google the problem. It turned out that the problem can be fixed in 5 minutes on their side. I can’t do anything about it.

So at 3 or 4 pm that day I get a call from their IT staff. I explain the problem he said he’ll fix it and call me back. Now we’re in day 3 and he didn’t call back so I go to Wataniya branch. The worker tell me he cant change the device and stuff. So he calls IT to fix it. Day 4 it still doesn’t work till it was like 4pm. It started working.

The Internet is very slow. Download speed is 2kbps and it won’t download a 5MB program. I can’t download any programs. The time it takes to open a page is like for ever. My turtle runs faster than their Internet process. Also if I were to use dial up I would’ve gotten a better chance with the download. So basically Wataniya gave me 3 and a half days with no Internet and then their Internet sucks big time!! I can’t even open my blog with it.

There are 2 things I cant understand here. 1 is Why should I tolerate a problem in their system?! And 2 does anyone think it’s acceptable to pay this much money for a crappy service?!

I mean last time I checked Wataniya is a service company if they don’t have any decent service to offer why are they around?!

Ps: I’m using viva at the time *3iz* the 5MB program is downloaded in less than 5 second

Oh and as far as rating goes
I give Wataniya from one to five 0/5 ^^

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