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News & All New Divine Disorder


The Kuwaiti-based extreme metal band Divine Disorder are releasing their first debut album titled Garden of Dystopia on November 3rd, 2014.

Sometime before Eid they released an album teaser:


“The witnessing of an ageless reverie long lost between two worlds A dream where I manifested emotions more than mankind has ever felt I know I don’t belong here yet I am no longer sure Whether to go back” – Adya

And on mid October the band released an album trailer:


The Song featured in the trailer is the third of Code Trilogy – After Code:RED and Code (T:error) which is Cod.Ill.umi.nat.i.ons.


Label Logo

The band also announced that they signed with a label called Inazuma Productions for the release of their debut album.


Album Cover

Garden of Dystopia” debut album by Divine Disorder
Will be released on 3rd of November, 2014 by Inazuma Productions


01. Pandora’s Codex
02. Children of Menace
03. Enciphered III
04. The Gambit
05. The Arcanist
06. The Puppeteer
07. The Serpent
08. Animus
09. Theatrical Demise
10. Cod.Ill.umi.nat.i.ons
11. Rusted Libra

Album design by: Strychneen Studio
Edited by: Carlos Alvarez (Dirty Viking Audio Production)
Mixed by: Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios)
Mastered by: Brett Caldas-Lima (Tower Studio)

 Code:RED and Code (T:error) are songs that been released with the band singles.

For more news about Divine Disorder:

Official Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Youtube


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Album Release: Waiting for the End to Come by Kataklysm


The Canadian death metal band KATAKLYSM released their 11th full length studio album titled “Waiting for the End to Come“.

The Album release dates are Oct. 25th (EU), 28th (UK) and Oct. 29th, 2013 (NA).

Also last week the band released a video of a song titled Elevate.

Here is the video:

If your interested in purchasing the album click here

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Album Release: Forguilt by Jivan


Kuwaiti Artist Hashim Al-Nasser released his Full length album “Forguilt” Today. Its absolutely beautiful. It’s also for free. So download it and enjoy the music!

Jivan - Forguilt - Contact Card


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Reset String in Papsi Band Slam


The Kuwaiti Grunge band Reset String were chosen to play in the Dubai Music Week Festival by participating in Papsi BandSlam (Battle of the Bands).

Event Details:

Location: Dubai World Trade Center.
Date: Sept 24th, 2013
Time: 5:00PM – 8:00PM (Dubai time)

The event will also be steamed live online here.

Be sure to check out the event!!

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Album Teaser: Forguilt – Hashim Al-Nasser


Forguilt Album cover

Kuwaiti Artist Hashim Al-Nasser announced in his facebook page about his upcoming album titled “Forguilt” and released an album teaser in youtube.

Album Teaser:

The album will be released this October so look forward to it!

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New Single: Khalid alMansour – Nostalgic


Latest Single by the Kuwaiti Djent Artist Khalid AlMansour. It’s a must listen!!

The single:

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News: As Blood Runs Black are back!

The American band As Blood Runs Black are back and working on their new album. The album is titled “Grand Zero“. The released date hasn’t been announced yet. The band is making this album with out a label. So make sure you support them.

Studio update:

Click here and show your support!

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