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Album Release: Forguilt by Jivan


Kuwaiti Artist Hashim Al-Nasser released his Full length album “Forguilt” Today. Its absolutely beautiful. It’s also for free. So download it and enjoy the music!

Jivan - Forguilt - Contact Card


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Reset String in Papsi Band Slam


The Kuwaiti Grunge band Reset String were chosen to play in the Dubai Music Week Festival by participating in Papsi BandSlam (Battle of the Bands).

Event Details:

Location: Dubai World Trade Center.
Date: Sept 24th, 2013
Time: 5:00PM – 8:00PM (Dubai time)

The event will also be steamed live online here.

Be sure to check out the event!!

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Album Teaser: Forguilt – Hashim Al-Nasser


Forguilt Album cover

Kuwaiti Artist Hashim Al-Nasser announced in his facebook page about his upcoming album titled “Forguilt” and released an album teaser in youtube.

Album Teaser:

The album will be released this October so look forward to it!

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New Single: Khalid alMansour – Nostalgic


Latest Single by the Kuwaiti Djent Artist Khalid AlMansour. It’s a must listen!!

The single:

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Dubai Rock Fest


Make sure you don’t miss the Dubai Rock Fest

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Divine Disorder – The Puppeteer (Single)


The Kuwait-based Extreme Metal band Divine Disorder released their second single titled “The Puppeteer” on September 12th, 2012.

The single has 3 tracks:

1. Code (T:error)
2. The Puppeteer
3. Children of Menace (orchestral variations)

The single is absolutely amazing and you should check it out now!!!

You can download the single here. “IT’S FREE”

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Album Release: Vintage Voices


The indie Kuwaiti band Vintage Voices released their first full length album on the 22 August, 2012. The album is self titled and has 8 track. It’s pretty amazing !!

To download the album: click here

Here is one of their songs:

Facebook | YouTube

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My List of Best bands in Kuwait

The other day I was checking out They had a list of bands with the most Facebook Fans. So I thought I should make a list of the most bands I listen to or Like.

So here is my list:

Metal bands/artist:

1. Depth
2. Benevolent
3. Eyeresist
3. Black Well
4. Voice of the Soul
5. Khalid AlMansour
6. Divine Disorder
7. Bader Nana
8. EarSplit
9. Black13Angelz

Ps: There are 2 bands in the 3rd place cause I can’t decide who’s better, they are both awesome.

Rock/Blues bands:

1. Freefall
2. Jellyshot
3. Reset String
4. Suburban man

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Divine Disorder – Children of Menace

So this afternoon I entered facebook like usual looking for local music news for my page(Operation Music Awareness Kuwait) when I came a cross a new Kuwaiti-based extreme metal band “Divine Disorder”. I mean how awesome is that?

There was something surprising about that band though…
Former Positive Poison Keyboardist “Darkvain” is Divine Disorder’s Bass / Orchestration.

So I got a chance to ask him few questions:

Q1: The whole band existence was sudden, when did you guys form the band and worked on your materiel?
Ans: since ever positive poison stopped 2010, early 2010

Q2: When did you start writing the songs?
Ans: since ever

Q3: Where did the band name come from?
Ans: emmm, lets see, that’s complicated actually. Azurayl came up with it. Resampling the illness of those people who believe themselves as gods. Or powerful like gods. Those they think they have connections and authority over other people.

Single Title: Children of Menace
Release Date: May 23, 2012
No. of Tracks: 2

Tracks titles:

Children of Menace


The single is absolutely amazing! Children of Menace  is an amazing song, I specially liked this section 1:48 to 03:02. I love the violin in the intro of Code:Red track. You have to download the single and give it a listen to know what I’m talking about.

Download single Click Here!

For more information:

Follow: @divine_disorder  || Like: Divine Disorder || Official Website

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Khalid Al-Mansour: Forbidden Chapters Release

A very talented Kuwaiti musician Khalid Al-Mansour, released his first EP today under the tittle “Forbidden Chapters“. The EP is latterly amazing! You won’t be able to stop listening to it.
Khalid has his own record label by the name AwesomeK.

I got a chance to interview Mr. Khalid Al-Mansour and we talked about both his latest EP release and his Label:

Q: How did you come up with the name Forbidden Chapters?!
A: Well… me and my friend were listening to the EP, for naming… then the name forbidden chapters came up for “Chapter VI” then there was this idea of calling the EP forbidden chapters, considering that I liked that name a lot, and just naming the tracks in chapters instead of naming them all, which can give the listener a wider range of imagination, let each track name itself in his head, it’s a vague and an intriguing yet simple way to go.

Q: When did you start writing the EP?
A: Em… I can’t recall I just mainly had riff ideas and started building them and connecting them to form tracks…. I believe it started December 2011

Q: Did your work with Eyeresist and Jelly shot have any effect on that EP?
A: It hardly had any effect on forbidden chapters.

Q: How long did it take to record the EP?
A: It started December 2011 and finished around April so id say a good 5 months of recording mixing mastering and finalizing.

Q: Did anyone help with the recording?!
A: Nope, it was all self produced, I constantly got tips and ideas from friends tho

Q: How did you come up with the Label idea?
A: Hmm, well I’ve always had the tendency to record my own work, I started with cool edit which is a fairly poor program, to cubase which is considered to be professional, then gave it to the hands of producers in Kuwait, I saw that it was a bit difficult to deliver the wanted sound, then I thought I should collect some cash to get some recording gear, and there it started

Q: How many bands have you recorded for so far?
A: Eyeresist, Jelly shot, working on the new Freefall album, and Hashim’s new EP

Q: Is there anything you want to add?
A: People that I would thank are, all Eyeresist members, namely Nasser Hajiah, Adil and Yasser Kerboushi, Hussam Jaafar and Hashim Al-Nasser.

Click here to download Forbidden Chapters EP

EP Front cover

EP back Cover

Follow @Awesomek_ || Subscribe to Youtube || Like in Facebook

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