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Review: IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei



Haru Hoshino (Saki Fukuda) was born with common traits from both male and female sexes. Haru did not have a sexual reassignment surgery as a child. Since an early age Haru has been raised as a boy, but during Haru’s teen years must now be raised as a girl …

General Information:

Original writing by: Chiyo Rokuhana
Screenwriter: Terada Toshio, Iwamura Masako
Genre: Drama
No. of episodes: 10
Origin: Japan
Original run: July 18, 2011 – September 19, 2011


This series is based on a manga with the same title. The reason I decided to review this is because many people don’t understand what I.S. is or what it means and this show explains it in an amazing way. I.S stands for intersexual, as the title of the show says Neither a male or a female.They are born with a gender issue… I don’t wanna go into details they explain it better in the show. It is an amazing show and awesome plot its different from the manga in some ways but the idea is the same which is addressing the IS issue. I highly recommend it it will give you a better understanding about the issue. This show will surely give you a different view to the world… I know it did for me.

Overall Rate: 8/10

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Halo TV Series


It’s official, Halo is turning into a TV series. This was revealed earlier today at the Xbox event.

Here is what happened:

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Vikings First Impression


Created by: Michael Hirst
Genre: Historical Drama

Today I’ve watching this TV series called Vikings. The show is pretty amazing so far. It’s brutal, and historical of course, that’s why I liked it. The story seems interesting, it’s about a Viking who goes his own way to raid and explore the west. The first season of the show is around 9 episode, which would be interesting. If you like historical shows, I say you should check it out.

Here is a screen short from the show:



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Review: Underemployed



The series evolves around a group of 5 fresh graduates who met and became close friends during college. Initially, everyone had their big dreams and were very determined to make them happen: Lou wanted to pursue graduate school and eventually become an environmental lawyer, Raviva broke up with Lou to move to Los Angeles in the hope of making it in the music industry, Miles wanted to be the face of Calvin Klein, Sophia wanted to become a writer and Daphne just wanted to be successful. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out.

General information:

Create by: Craig Wright
Genre: Drama, Comedy
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 12
Origin: United State
Original run: October 16, 2012 – January 12, 2013



Underemployed was kinda interesting at first. I was like awesome show, though half way through it got messy. I didn’t like the direction it was headed. Despite it all, I like the friendship between the characters. There was a message in the show that I like, which is “never give up on your dream”. This show isn’t a must watch… If you have sometime to waste check it out. You might like it.

Overall Rate: 5/10

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Review: Mendol-ikemen idol



The story revolves around three ordinary girls named Asahi, Nami, and Hinata who are aiming to become idols, but they repeatedly fail in their auditions. One day, they witness a serious crime, and they are forced to flee from the culprits. Fortunately, they are saved by a producer who is willing to let them debut, but they have to hide their true identities and dress up as boys instead. (source: Tokyograph)

General Information:

Screenwriter: Iwamura Masako (岩村匡子)
Director: Kinoshita Takao, Tsuzuki Junichi, Takamaru Masataka (高丸雅隆), Oyamada Masakazu (小山田雅和), Nemoto Kazumasa (根本和政)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Music
No. of episodes: 12
Origin: Japan
Original run: October 10, 2008 to December 26, 2008


This show is incredibly funny. I haven’t laughed this much for a while now. There is a little action in the show since the main characters Asahi and Nami are being chased. The show is very well directed. The story is very well done as well… Like its not just a silly comedy. There is a story there. I won’t comment on the romance… The show kept me interested, it never got boring. Though at some pointed you would go like “Seriously?” Then laugh. It’s amazing. If your looking for a good laugh that’s the show to watch!

Overall Rate: 8/10

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Review: Quartet (Japanese Drama)



Shun (Fukuda Saki), who has tattoos and piercings all over her body, is the third generation descendant of a Japanese orphan left behind in China during World War II. Takeru (Matsushita Yuya) is a lonely and reckless hooligan whose family was murdered when he was a child. Shun, Takeru and Kasumi (Watanabe Natsuna) with an equally troubled past and background, become collaborators after being hired by Kuchinawa (Kamikawa Tamaya) in police undercover operations in the city of ‘Midori’, a neighbourhood for illegal residents. They infiltrate a criminal gang to investigate, and find illicit human drug experiments and slave treatment staring them in the face. They grow to trust one another and mature through this experience.

General Information:

Screenwriter: Park brother (Yoshinobu duck & Katsuhiko Manabe)
Genre: Drama, Crime, Action
No. of episodes: 9
Origin: Japan
Original run: January 18, 2011 to March 24, 2011


Quartet is a very interesting show. I though about watching the show because of the main character (Fukuda Saki) I’m a fan of her work. The story was very dramatic, and I loved the action there. It’s like the characters are so real. I also liked the ending which adds extra points for the show. I liked the show very much and I totally recommend it.

Overall Rate: 9.5/10

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Awesome New TV series



Arrow is based on the DC comics’ superhero Green Arrow!

Beauty and the Beast


This show is about a genetically improved solider and a detective. The solider is the beast and he’s in hiding and they help each other in someway… Also they are kinda in love.

Ben and Kate


Is a comedy about a single mother and her brother.



It’s about this era’s Sherlock Holmes.

Go On


It’s about a famous radio host who joins a transition group to deal with his grief, after losing his wife. It’s a vey funny show.

Last Resort


Is about a US navy ship that was betrayed by the government and basically try to survive in the nearest island.

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